2020 Yard Design Trends

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2020 has been a particularly unique year. With persistent challenges, many of us find ourselves taking a hard look at where our past has brought us and, more importantly, what lies ahead. It’s no wonder that this year’s trends in outdoor living reflect a desire for sustainability, community and wellness. Welcome to our annual list of emerging landscape and garden trends in the goals and priorities of our clients, with plenty of additional resources to boot.


Re-wilding, or restoring urban and suburban yards to life-supporting habitats, is an undeniable garden trend of 2020. 

Native and climate-adapted plants not only support the local biome, they also tend to be lower maintenance as they are thriving in their natural environment. As the Yardzen Design put it, “We want to make it easy for people to care for their yards because, at the end of the day, a yard full of thriving, climate-adapted plants is the best solution for our clients and for Earth.” 

Container Gardens

Gardening’s popularity among American households is at an all-time high. Modern gardens can range from potted herbs or fruit trees to rows of raised beds for produce with a story. We can now connect with our food supply and the great outdoors in ways that are simpler than ever before.


A push for a lower carbon footprint is changing how we approach renovation in all aspects from design decisions to demolition. A conscious approach to landscaping takes many forms, from design to materials and plant selections to construction. 

With each design, we encourage our clients to repurpose their existing materials and maintain healthy, mature plant material.

Functional Front Yards

The front yard is the back yard, where homeowners can find a sense of community and connect with neighbors. Here in Las Vegas, we’ve seen a major shift in master developments and floor plans as we lean into community based living. More and more we see a demand for invitational front areas including patio spaces for neighbors to gather and and space for pets & kids to play.

Water Smart

WaterSmart designs have been trending in our drought-ridden Valley for quiet some time. Fortunately, with time, these designs have become trendier as well. Many cities offer rebates to ensure that your yard makes the best use of water. Incorporating everything from hardscaping elements to xeriscapes is more beautiful and cost effective than ever!


Research shows that just 20 minutes outdoors a day can significantly boost happiness and overall well-being. There is a substantial body of research linking green spaces to boosted immunity, lower risks of disease, mental health problems, and mortality, and better health and cognitive development in children. We bare in mind functional living spaces with every design.

Prime Real Estate

Bringing the outdoors in originally began to trend locally in the early 90’s when Sun West Custom Homes Lead Designer, Dan Coletti’s Colorado outdoors influence met the Las Vegas market via Parade of Homes. We’re now revisiting this hard and true fact, lives are best lived outside. It would appear that functional outdoor space & curb appeal is the single top priority for home buyers, and can add as much as a 200% return on investment. Homeowners aspire to enjoy their outdoor living spaces year-round.

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