Raising a Garden with Kids

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If you’re feeling a bit stir crazy these days and the kids are too, we’re here to help. The skies are clearing and the weather is warming, there’s no better time to get outside and garden!

Getting Started

Whether you’re planting directly in the ground or you plan on using raised garden beds, you’ll want to make sure that your soil is well prepped to yield a nutrient rich harvest. When purchasing new soil or prepping existing soil, be sure to add at least one quarter parts organic matter like compost, manure, and worm castings.

Planting Tips

  • To save yourself time we recommend that you opt for seedlings rather than seeds. When working with kiddos, we feel that demonstrating progress is key so remember that you can always get a good sprout with just a Ziplock, paper towel and some seeds (like with carrots, see below).
  • To support your plant through growth & fruiting, dig a hole that is as deep as your plant is tall, or use a pot that is at least twice the diameter of the seedling you’re using.
  • Be sure to plant all of your plants where they will get the most sun.
  • Remember to incorporate pollinator-loving plants as pollinators essential for your edible plants.
  • Always cage your tomatoes!

Children’s Variety

Here’s a collection of some of the best plants to incorporate with the kids

Tomatoes: Go for a mix of heirloom and cherry tomatoes. Sun Gold and Super Sweet 100s are two cherry tomato favorites that are perfect for popping right into your mouth!

Cucumbers: If you’re off to the right start with a variety like Sweet Success, Brpless or Spacemasters, cucumbers are quite easy to grow. Just be sure to remember to incorporate a trellis or a tomato cage for them to grow on.

Pumpkin: Pumpkins are one of the most fun things to grow in the garden, and if you make a project out of planting these Gourds during Father’s Day you’ll yield a harvest just in time for Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice in fall.

Lettuce: Most lettuce is “cut and come again,” which means you can trim it for salad, and it will regrow. Next time the kids are helping in the kitchen, be sure to have them save your cuttings to incorporate in your home garden.

Sweet Peas: Sweet Peas are always a hit with the kids. They’re fast growth & fragrant flowers, and pods sweet enough to eat straight from the vine.

Carrots: As they are a root vegetable, carrots do best when planted from seeds to avoid disruption to growth. Thankfully these veggies are fast to grow making for a beautiful learning experience if you use a Root View Garden.

Photos credit of Grow Veg & Kids Do Gardening

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