Design & Installation

More Than Aesthetics Alone

When developing a landscape design, there are many factors to consider: the way it looks, how much it costs, the amount of upkeep it will need. That’s why it’s best to design it with a partner who understands your goals, budget, and most importantly, how everything can be accomplished.

Our lead designer, Marc Emerson,  goes beyond aesthetics. Pacific Landscape takes into consideration plant selection suitable for your individual yard & the Las Vegas climate, maintenance costs and the long-term growth of your investment by implementing best horticultural practices in every design, ensuring each installation results in a healthy, sustainable landscape.

What Sets Pacific Landscape Apart?

  • Free 1hr Consultation
  • Hand-Picked Plant Material
  • Plant Staging for Client Approval Before Install
  • Reliable Scheduling
  • One Job at a Time Promise
  • Do It Yourself Concepts

Our Process

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