8 Smart Ways to Heat Your Outdoors

Besides being a source of light, fire features add warmth and make for a more comfortable & enjoyable space through the cooler months. Extending your time spent outdoors with the addition of a fire feature or other heat source for your patio, deck, or backyard comes with the added perks of establishing a focal point, upgrading your decor, and serving as a place around which to gather, entertain, relax, and enjoy time outdoors.

Fire Pit

Whether portable or permanent, fire pits make not only add warmth to your outdoor space, but a great gathering space as well. They’re built to accommodate nearly event design aesthic, generally low cost, and easy of use – they’re a great way to bring a touch of style to your outdoor space.

PRO TIP: Your choice of fuel can also impact how much your outdoor heating costs you – consider your lifestyle and let that guide your fuel selection. 

Custom Fireplace 

Fireplaces are an opportunity to create a focal point of permanence, and can be built in a variety of materials. Adding seating and a coffee table around the fire to truly bring the indoors out, transforming youth backyard into a true outdoor living room.

PRO TIP: When considering the location of your fireplace, think about low-hanging trees and shrubs, nearby structures, and whether the wind will blow smoke in your neighbor’s yard (or into the interior of your own home). 

Portable Fireplace

For a smaller, more versatile option, a portable fireplace mimics the look of a built-in design without the added permanence.

Hot Tubs & Spas

No matter the season, Spas have the ability to transform your outdoor living space into a retreat infusing relaxation and a tinge of luxury to your yard.

Heated Floors

The demand for heated floors has gained traction in recent years, and its no wonder they’re both luxurious and pragmatic. Heated decking makes for cozy times outside, and have the added bonus of melting fallen snow or keeping surfaces from getting icy.

Outdoor Kitchen

With enclosure and warm appliances, an outdoor kitchen makes a great place to gather in the cooler months. Whether by grill, brick pizza oven, or fire rail, your outdoor kitchen will make guests want to hang out on the patio long after dinner is over.

Heat Lamps

Portable patio heaters take are easy to store, little space, and can heat up an area of roughly 25 square feet. They make for a great return in extending your time outside.

Outdoor Rugs and Blankets 

When in doubt, adding a plush blanket or throw is one of the simplest forms of creating warmth and a touch of cozy in your outdoor space.

PRO TIP: Place your throw in the dryer for a few minutes before bringing it outdoors for an added bit of heat.

Photos credit of Belgard Pavers,  ModfireIn-Lite Design and Yardzen