Three Creative Designs to Get Outdoors with the Whole Family

More an more we see a trend towards getting outdoors. With it’s many benefits to individual health, cultivating community and acknowledgment of the need for sustainability, we want to ensure that getting outside has never been easier.

Backyard Camping

In a season where even staycations are quite what they used to be, the “yard-cation” was born. As we’re longing for new experiences that are safe and fun for the entire family, Kendra Poppy believes “the backyard experience has become the new camping trip.” As we all know, no camping trip is complete without a firepit. 

Whether permanent or moveable, our client’s often request designs with some fire element. We believe it’s a wonderful addition to any design in  connecting our client’s with and relish in the joys of outdoor living from the comfort of home. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether for a couple’s escape outdoors or a whole social gathering, the outdoor kitchen and dining area lends itself to a welcome environment and the ultimate outdoor experience. These outdoor kitchens take all shapes and sizes, from built-in BBQs to chef-style setups. More and more, functional designs are lending themselves to community, and where is there more community than that around the dinner table?


As more studies begin to highlight the importance of outdoor play in kid’s future health and development, several of our client’s are designing their spaces with their kid’s in mind. Many too are wary of loud & primary colored, big-box store structures that will remain an eyesore long after their kids have grown. 

We find, however, often what you already have in your yard can be creatively repurposed as a foundation for your playscape. We encourage designs that lean into nature play with elements like tree rounds for stairs, climbing walls, tree houses, trampolines, and rope swings. These more open-ended play options boosts creativity, encourages taking risks, teaches socialization and appreciation of nature.

Photos credit of One Kings Lane & B4 Adventure