Hardscaping 101: Gravel

Gravel is one of our favorite hardscaping elements. It’s low-maintenance, inexpensive, and incredibly durable. It’s no surprise to us that Gravel has grown in popularity recent years. Gravel is timeless in look and high in versatility and works beautifully in many applications—patios, paths, ground cover, and in between pavers. Are you thinking about possibly incorporating Granite in your space?

Decomposed Granite

Warm but neutral in appearance, Decomposed Granite offers a variety of solutions and uses from mulch, to providing compact surface for patios and pathways, or a hard surface for driveways.

Black Basalt or Black River Rock

Using Basalt and Black River Rock brings contrast and clean lines to more Modern and Contemporary designs. These eye-catching additions is best used in accenting pavers.

River Rock

River rock is a large gravel option ranging in size, from 1″ to 5″. With a variety of colors, we often incorporate river beds to add layers of dimension to any landscape design.