Fall-ing for Outdoor Living

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September 22 marked the beginning of Fall, and though we’re still pushing high 90’s temps here in a Las Vegas, sunset treats us to crisp & cozy temps. In the 70’s. We’d like to think ourselves Summer people here at Pacific Landscape, but we have to admit there is something so magical that this change of season brings – for both our spirits and our yards. 

With some warm touches, we believe that Fall brings an optimal time to enjoy the outdoors. Pillows and throws always add a homey touch; while outdoor rugs, fires features, and lighting can transform your backyard into a true living space, or extension of your home. 

Pillows & Throws

Simple decor elements like pillows, poufs and throws are a simple way to update and style existing patio furniture or create unexpected seating areas. Whether you’re decorating for the season, looking to add a pop of color or add appeal with movement & texture, don’t overlook this inexpensive solution.

Outdoor Rugs

If we’ve learned nothing else from open floor concepts, its that nothing designates a space quite like a rug – your outdoor living space is no different. While yards don’t come with designated rooms per say, an outdoor rug is an effective way to create a natural border. 

PRO TIP: Ensure the rug you choose is designed to withstand the elements, and maintain your rug by following the cleaning instructions, whether sweeping, spot cleaning or hosing off. Additionally, you may want to store it in a warm, dry place during inclement weather.


From lanterns to landscape lighting or string lights to candlelight, adding a touch of lighting can completely transform an outdoor space. Lighting adds not just a functional touch, but warmth and hugge transforming a yard to a true living space. Modern options make lighting feasible for any budget and mood, everything from from hardwired landscape lighting, battery operated or solar powered, and good old-fashioned beeswax candlesticks are available. 

Fire Features

Speaking of warmth & light…. Is there any better gathering space than around a fire? Fire features come in all shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is utility. Whether a simple as a wood burning cast-iron bowl for s’mores and campfire stories or a more elaborate fire place for pizza baking, a fire feature draws people in. 


Photos credit of Boutique Rugs & Arrows and Bow

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